At GNT Financial, we do both private lending and trust deed investing.

GNT Financial is a boutique lending operation in San Diego, California. We opened our doors in 1999 and have focused on private money lending. That means we give privately funded, non-bank loans to individuals for real estate transactions.

Borrowers come to us because it’s quicker, it’s easier to qualify, and there are fewer restrictions than bank loans. The loans are usually for a wide variety of real estate transactions, whether that be new construction, bridge financing, or buying another property.

The other very important aspect of our business is our investors. They invest in the underlying trust deeds that we fund, and they receive the yield on that loan over the course of 12 to 18 months. The investment yields a healthy return while still being very safe because they come with the strong collateral of the real estate.

If you’re interested in investing in trust deeds or you have borrowing needs, call us at (619) 871-9176. We would love to chat with you.


NMLS ID: 307420

BRE: 01191560